Case Study 7   

Lime Mortar & Hand Cropped Stone Amphitheatre  


Project Feature:        Amphitheatre Stonework. Unity College. Burnley. Lancashire.  

The images above  relate to a bespoke, high specification 152m raked mortared stonework project that would represent a traditional, local style dry stone walled construction in the form of an amphitheatre as part of a new UK school, constructed under the ‘ Lancashire Building Schools for the Future Programme ‘: Unity College in Lancashire.

Works Description   The bespoke, high specification mortared stoneworks were commissioned by  a major international Civil Engineering company.  drystone Craft international™ was appointed as the Nominated Contractor for this project.   The stone used in this project was lancashire micaceous sandstone, specially selected by the client.  All stone was hand split along bedding planes in each piece of stone by our specialist stone splitter, then sorted and loaded to an incline near the main works area, to be later loaded to the terraces.   One of our stonework specialists then hand – selected each stone and together with a mortar labourer, the stone was laid to the terraces, staircases and central steps, in the pattern specified by the Client.   The mortar was then raked from between the stones and frame cramped, buff gritstone flaggs laid to each terrace and staircase walls, which were specially cut and final hand –  finished on site.  All stone was supplied by drystone craft international TM.


  More images soon.