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Dry Stone Walls – Estate Boundaries Restoration & Rebuild


Dry Stone Walling – Field Boundary Walls


Dry Stone Walling Field Boundary Dry Stone Walls Restoration & Rebuild

dry stone walling

Dry stone wall stonework structures date back to Neolithic times. There is considerable skill and expertise in their design and construction.

Such structures when correctly constructed will last hundreds of years and in some notable cases, for much longer periods, with little maintenance


For many years, our specialist dry stone waller staff have worked on new dry stone walls & restoration of  historic dry stone walls throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumberland, Scotland and the middle east


We undertake a wide range of specialist, bespoke dry stone walling and stonework construction works in natural stone, in a wide variety of stone types, equally varied localities and throughout most weather conditions

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Dry Stone Estate Boundary Walls  Restoration


Estate Boundary & Agricultural dry stone wall Restoration & Rebuild


heritage_dry_stone_wall_restoration hb

1. Heritage Restoration 322m contract works – 87m section of Gritstone dry stone wall restored.  

Originally built circa 1841 as an estate boundary wall.

heritage dry stone wall restoration 67 metres gritstone hb

2. Heritage Restoration 322m contract works

3. Heritage Restoration 322m contract works


gritstone_dry_stone_wall mp

Part of a 110 metre Gritstone Dry Stone Wall historical boundary restoration project.


dolerite dry stone consumption dyke gndn nbld

The image above and three images below show part of a heritage restoration 2000m Environmental Stewardship dry stone walling contract adjoining Hadrians Wall.  Whinstone (Dolerite), a difficult heavy. multi-shaped stone to work with.

The restored dry stone wall – a consumption dyke,  follows the original, historical livestock boundary wall footings, dating back to approximately mainly 1680 with some previous Neolithic stone walkways adjoining what now remains of a Neolithic village in the nearby fields

Many of our stock wall contracts are undertaken and inspected upon completion, under the DEFRA Environmental Stewardship scheme, which is aimed at Farmers and other private landowners. Other works are private, other business, or other grant source funded; for example, our recent externally, privately funded scheme exclusively for Lancashire Farmers.

The majority of field walls are constructed using stone that is already on site, largely from the derelict or collapsed walls that require rebuilding. The local style of walling is always adopted in the construction of the new wall, along with the standard specifications with some local variations as required. Approximately 23% of dry stone walls reconstructed by us are dated by landscape Archeologists to have been initially constructed between the years 1380 and 1650

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