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Environmental Policy


drystone Craft international TM  Environmental Policy

Environmental, Eco Friendly Products & Methods of Construction, Waste Management & Sustainability

Drystone Craft international TM recognise that all our activities affect the environment.

We are demonstrably proactive in the use of eco friendly products & methods of construction, environmentally friendly working practices, the implementation of policies on waste management, sustainable uses of natural resources and sourcing of products from reputable suppliers.

Our policy guidelines highlight our specific commitment to:

  • Ensure that we are fully compliant with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Ensure that we use only eco friendly products.
  • Ensure that we only engage in eco friendly working practices and methods of construction.
  • Ensure that we minimise waste in our waste management operations.
  • Ensure that all resources we use are from sustainable and reputable sources.
  • Recognise and target key risks and develop procedures to respond to all foreseeable future incidents and emergencies.
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of all our activities and amend our procedures accordingly.
  • Ensure that we are all aware of and understand our commitment to our environmental policies.
  • Operate within a business culture of continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

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