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Stone Building Restoration & Conservation


Stone buildings 

With a wealth of extensive industry experience and expertise, we e undertake  stone building restorations using traditional heritage stonemasonry techniques, practices and materials alongside modern stone care technologies



Bonded Stonework – Overview of Categories

For many years we have and continue to provide specialist bespoke services for a range of lime mortar bonded stonework for stone walling and stone buildings which fall into the following mortar bonded stonework categories:-


The stone is generally not dressed, or roughly dressed and the mortar joints are generally wide, ranging from one inch to five inches, but can be raked to enhance the stone . Rubble stonework can be divided into:- Random stonework – un-coursed or brought to courses stone walling. Squared stonework – un-coursed, built to courses or regular coursed stone walling. Miscellaneous stonework – polygonal stonewalling, flint stone walling or Lake District Masonry


Stone walling consisting of carefully dressed or wrought stone with narrow lime mortar jointing at around 1/8th of an inch thick. Our stone builders work to “stone with mortar”, not “mortar with stone”, the former bringing out the shapes, texture and beauty of natural stonework. Coloured sands can be added to the lime mortar ranging from buff to charcoal, further enhancing the colouration of the stone.

Cut Dimensional Stone Blocks

Stone Buildings – New Build, Design


Level bedded sandstone and lime mortar Amphitheatre


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More about our services  Click here

 Stone building restoration services in Lancashire

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