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Lime Mortar Pointing  Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington



Lime Mortar Pointing  Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington


Local Lime Mortar Pointing  service

A local Lime Mortar pointing  service for   

Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington

provided by our specialist, professional lime mortar restoration team…..



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Hot lime mortar & stonework rebuild





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Lime Mortar Pointing services  Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington


Should you be a private client, local to us looking for  Lime Pointing  and if your property and works fall within a 30 miles radius of our works office, we have:


Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington

  • special discounted rates for lime mortar pointing materials – new clients and, our existing clients 
  • free on site project appraisal and stonework inspection, including rock and mineral analysis/ decay assessment

Call us on 07896 215920 to discuss your  Lime Pointing requirements or use the contact page on our website


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drystone Craft TM Heritage Stonemasons


 Stonemason Craftsmen ~ Stonemasonry Restoration Consultants.  Bespoke ~ Handcrafted stonework restoration by Craftsmen & Specifications by Stonemasonry Restoration Consultants ~ traditional, listed and historic stonework restoration company for  stonemasonry restoration works, using historic heritage skills and practices, with advanced stone restoration technologies and an industry specific expertise with detailed stonemasonry technical consultancy

All Consultancy, stonework, designs and products are bespoke in meeting specific needs of stone structures and stonemasonry.  


                                         “…We  See,  Listen  &  Hear,   Consult &  Design,    Review  &  Reflect,  Restore,  Maintain   &  Build … .  in  Stone  &  Lime Mortars…”      




we will be adding more content here soon on lime pointing in Whitewell    Chaigley   Withgill   Walker Fold  Bashall Eaves   Waddington and Surrounding areas

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